Thursday, April 06, 2006

Been a bit slack you'll have to forgive me.Ive been roaming around the place the disciple I am and havent been near a computer to get near you lovely lot.Had an amazing week lots of blessngs and gifts .I feel Im on to a good thing .Pretty life changing acutually some stuff to personal to tell but one day I promise I will reveal .Id like to right a book not to gossip about stuff but see if my shit can help others going through theirs.Oh lifes great .Aint it .Its twist and turns and I tell you with the good lord it only gets better.Ill tell youa litttle story the other day Im walking along praying talking away as you do and their was a girl on the street and I just went up to her had a chat and I felt God say pray for her.I was like "ahhh come on god shes going to think im getting all weird on her"so I didnt and walked away.I got half way down the road and I promise you I couldnt go any further.I had to go back .So as I walk back with a big grin on my face and trying not to look to scary I said look I dont know your beliefs but I really feel God wants me to pray for you.!!!I told her what happened and she said its strange you said that a guy the other day said exactley the same thing.Well with a sigh of relief I said well can I pray with you the salvation prayer.Basically inviting christ in ya life no weird strings attached .Very simple .So she did and I think I was more paniced than her.We hugged and the relief id done what I was supposed to do was amazing I could of flown home.Loads of stuff lately similar to that have happened to me lately.Something amazing is happening to my life and I can only thank God.The peace I have is phenominal and im just learning all the time.Its like a new life.So Im chuffed to bit and the gigs are going great really having an amazing spirit about them at the moment .Everybody is on good form lots of things in the pip line.Ive a really good notion we going to be going back to america.I believe still some changes have to be made but all in Gods time.Its all under control and when everything is in place watch this space .!!!!
Off to bath to perform at MOLES lookinf forward to seeing you take care and talk later ill probably remember other stuff.Oh yeah the new songs .Ill fill you in more later lots of love ROCK QUEEN OF FAITH.hehehehehx

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