Friday, October 31, 2003

Well.. I DID go to Death Disco, got to give Mr. M a hug and, I know this is not the Justine way,..but I tried to take it easy as I balance the intricacies of voice vs. rock.
Met up with some of our new friends that we met in Greenock.. promoter Andrew and girlfriend Sara. Also bumped into Gary from The Libertines, who I love lots and good to see he's happy and do a bit of catch up. There's the usual motley crew of music biz types.. promising to come and see my band.. talk is cheap boys.. talk is cheap but amongst the flock.. there are those bucking the trend and met a couple of cooler music biz types.. perhaps they do exist. A good band tonight, called The Gems... they were excellent and the singers voice is gorg. It was a bit of a Scottish night and brought warm memories of our tour in April back.. we love Scotland, especially their whiskey, and will be making even more of an effort to make sure that M.A.S.S. can be onstage @ T In The Park 2004.

Getting the band to Birmingham on Thursday to play with Razorlight and The Raveonettes is an epic journey.. we spend hours on the motorway in the rain and Jonny has to drive a van with the gear and accidently backs it into a wall.. navigating the one way system is a mystery and we ended up paying a cab to let us follow him.. into the venue.. straight onstage for a line check and I barely have time to get changed into before we are onstage.. and we get a really great reaction which is good and I have to keep reminding everyone that we are in fact.. NOT.. Boxer Rebellion.. I like Birmingham.. Razorlight have changed so much since I saw them at Hammersmith Working Mens Club.. and Jonny Burrell their main man who was in the Libs is a bit of a genius.. we hang out with both bands.. and I can safely say we held our own.. there is a chance that we might play with Razorlight in London when they play the 100 Club.. they might have us or they might be SCARED! ..

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

On Monday I was invited to Brighton to see Electric Soft Parade playing with Starsailor as part of Radio One's One Live thing...management.. why aren't we playing here? Anyway the ESP boys kicked arse well and truly and I love 'em, they are true musicians and have a flare to perform and entertain a whole audience like it's your own personal show. Starsailor ..sorry.. passed me by...
Afterwards I got talking to ESP manager Tony after the show and he's a lovely chap, this was a hometown gig for them and there's talk of us playing with them in Brighton at Christmas.. in fact, this was a promise.... and I won't be forgetting it.
I've been rehearsing and writing most of this week with the band, whilst the management have been trying to get us the support slots on a couple of gigs before we go to Europe. Our main problem is that the agents have all the good gigs sewn up and as we haven't met one we liked yet.. we are... outsiders. Anyway, this week the opening slot on the RAVEONETTES / RAZORLIGHT tour became available because Boxer Rebellion got sick... there were three dates available and we contacted the band and the management.. and things looked on the up when Andy got an email back from Sharin from the band which was positive. We were still surprised though, when the persistance paid off and we got an email today offering us the opening slot in Birmingham tomorrow..
Now, tonight, with my voice still being not what it should be I have to make the big decision as to whether to get well and truly blathered at Death Disco tonight.. humm? The Libertines also announced and sold out a London Christmas show today.. now that IS a show I want to open...

Sunday, October 26, 2003

primal scream secretwhat a night. managed to get into the secret Primal Scream gig at the Kill All Hippies club night last night, because it was at the same place that we played that warehouse party in Old Street the other week and ...wow, what a rock and roll night, like Christmas all over again. I'm out with a good bunch of friends including some massive Primal Scream fans and have managed to get us all in. As you'd expect the place was heaving and after we'd only been there half an hour Bobby and the boys came on... oh my god all I can say is....amazing amazing amazing, the whole energy the sound the people around me I was in that it moshing my arse off Iwas absoulutley soaking wet ith sweat rockin roll, 'Rocks', 'Jailbird', 'Moving On Up' you name it, they played it and Bobby was just so cool. I just didnt want it to end I was being thrown around but the atmosphere was fantastic just a great vibe. How music should make you feel... everyone united, having the best time of their lives just for that hour, forgetting all the crap going on in their lives and like a kid, being totally in the moment.. that certainly is a great gift that band has for doing thet the best gig ever.
What can I say after them was another fantastic band who I think were Soniq Faraq, who I totally admire for following the Scream. I would have said "ok, see you later guys" but they hit the stage with amazing energy and the boy at the front had personality in bundles.. just a great night and not one for standing around looking cool... anyway.. woulddn't have missed it for the world... I get goose pimps just thinking about the day we can do gigs like this.. bring it on.

Thursday, October 23, 2003

We've got a couple of weeks space with the band now so it's great to be writing and rehearsing new material, I've got some many ideas and the band are being brilliant, it's all exciting stuff.

New Cross is fast becoming the new place to be. The night at The Paradise Bar on Tuesdays, run by my new friend Caffy, is as good as a rock and roll night can get and it's only stumbling distance home in the early wee hours of the morning. I was a bit miffed that I couldn't find a way to see AC/DC at Hammersmith but in the end had a great night at this week's shindig with a couple of my favourite bands, Special Needs playing, and The Rocks there with me to cheer them on. And New Rhodes there as well. Last night [Wednesday] found myself at Filthy McNastys where 'Big Bob' (his name is Bob and he's big) is having a Buskers night and got my self an invitation to Primal Scream's book launch next week.. oh, and that's different to their secret gig coming up on Saturday by the way.
I also want to catch up with The Libertines; there are strong rumours that they will be doing something in the West End on Friday. If you haven't looked at Pete's prison diary yet check it out @ www.babyshambles.com there are scans of his actual diarys. Scary but terrific all the same. I really hope that Carl's freindship and all the goodwill surrounding them gets Pete and The Libertines back on track.
Oh, and just remembered. Caffy's trying to get the Houses Of Parliament to hire it for a music event to get heard and use the place wisely, "rather than them sitting there having tea and biscuits" she said and I couldn't agree with her more. So if there's any members the Houses Of Parliament who likes to read my diary, put a good word in and we'll show you how to enjoy ya selves.. sod yer wild orgies, get some JD down yer necks and mosh to some kick arse live bands.. it's the best orgasm you'll ever get... wake up!!!!

Monday, October 20, 2003

M.A.S.S. @ Death Disco [+flash]Can't believe I haven't been able to put stuff here for nearly 2 weeks. Sorry, blame me, computers and touring with no set pattern to my life. Got to start it all off though, by saying what an amazing gig we had with M.A.S.S. at Alan Mcgee's Death Disco at Notting Hill Arts Centre the other Wednesday.. it was our best gig in London and really felt like a homecoming..perhaps England isn't so bad after all?
The band on before us at Death Disco were The Glitterati... now, they were one of the 10 bands that the NME had chosen the week before, as 'the UK bands that will change your lives in the next 12 months'.. one of the other bands, Eastern Lane had supported us the week before and they were good, especially considering that they are only 17. But the thing that had REALLY annoyed me about the NME was that they had got all these ten bands with their members together and sat them in a room for one big photograph... is it just me? or did no one else notice several things but the most shocking was... THERE WAS NOT ONE GIRL!!!!
Well I know one girl at least that wants to shake things up again in the UK in the next twelve months... if M.A.S.S. don't seriously take up offers to go and concentrate on touring and releasing records abroad that is... and if our experience at Death Disco is anything to go by, you wont' blame me.
Firstly a lot of our friends and fans couldn't get in at the begining because.. and I have to be told these things, before I can work out why there are a lot of old men in the venue, that 90% of the music business, record companies , publishers, agents etc are here tonight to see The Glitterati because of the NME mention. I secretly hoped that at least a couple of them would stay and watch us.. but it was more like watching that stupid TV programme 'One Man And His Dog' .. this lot are (to even put it nicely, a flock).. the minute The Glitterati finish.. they flock up the stairs....while I am on stage with M.A.S.S. I went and climbed onto the bar in the middle of the room (sorry if I kicked your drink off) and I couldn't see one of the A&R gang... well, perhaps if they'd stayed we'd show them what a band should really be .. but in the meantime the lot of them can flock off!

Troupers that we are, the day after Death Disco we had a ten hour drive to do a gig in Greenock in Scotland, the day after that we were in Edinburgh and then straight back down to London to play a Warehouse party in Old Street...those three gigs were on fuel and someone said that it was like seeing a girl fronting the MC5, which I figure must be good and suggest that they write a letter to the NME.

Last Monday I had a bit of a role reversal when I went to see one of my managers (I've got two.. a bit like Ant And Dec) play the drums.. in fact he's joined Electic Soft Parade for a while .. which meant that I could go and knock back the free booze at the album launch and see what a fantastic drummer he is.. I quite liked ESP before but I think now they will shake a lot of people's worlds and Tom and Alex are really lovely people.. I have been trying to blag a copy of the album ever since. The M.A.S.S. tour has finished now until we go to Europe so you can be sure I will be coming back out to play and letting you know any goss. If anyone can get me an AC/DC ticket.. please let me know, I'm dying to go....

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

We're in our stride now, and getting a healthy number of great gigs and new venues under our M.A.S.S. belts; in Southampton tonight, keeping up the momentum.
The M.A.S.S. XFM session turned out to be the best yet and I was really pleased when we heard that Peaches had been into the station last week and had heard us being played by the DJ and asked who we were. It's amazing when we do interviews how everything sounds as if it's going so well but when you are looking from the inside, sometimes it can be so frustrating.

As we left for the next bunch of dates on Wednesday, I picked up an NME - really pleased to see a great picture of Justin from The Darkness on the cover but why am I not surprised that, yet again, there is no actual inteview inside. What there is inside our New Musical Express is The Brit Pack a large picture of the members of ten bands that the NME reckons will change our world over the next 12 months... I have no problem with this, lists are always fun but NOT ONE FEMALE.... come on Conor!... I am sure I know at least one girl that plans to rock people's world in the months to come :-)
[oh, and if being boys was the rules then ... The Ludes.. definitely in my 10!]
As it happens on Friday we were supported by one of the NME's chosen 10, Eastern Lane and on our upcoming London show we have another bunch The Glitterati opening for us. Gotta say, I was impressed with Eastern Lane... they already have some great songs and were a really sweet bunch of lads..
Got to put in a word also for Maria and Indiekid DJ at Lincoln University and gigs @ Universities in general.
When we first started playing live about 18 months ago I quite naively thought that there were live venues at all universities and colleges but my manager put me right with one of his many theories that basically go along the lines that up until recently, dance music was the main thing at most unis and colleges. When we played at Lincoln Uni early this year they were just getting a live music night up and running; this time they have really got a good night together but need help from booking agents and everyone to make sure that they get the good bands.. I know they would love Eastern Lane at Lincoln..
M.A.S.S. want to do everything we can to make sure that every uni. and college has a great live music night but it's just another thing that needs the music business and the live agents to support an important part of the scene..

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