Sunday, August 31, 2003

Well, this coming week, going into September, could be a good one or.. could be a list of dissapointments but I'm thinking positive.. I just wish my managers might tell me, rather than "this might happen, or that might happen".
Basically, we have a song in a new film 'Blackball', not only that but they liked it so much they asked to use it ..on the trailer!!!. Now my mob is buzzing with people saying they have seen the trailer at the cinema or now on TELLY.. last night in the middle of Pop Idol.. how cool is that?...well, perhaps not. Anyway, it looks likely that the track is going to be re-released as a single .. not entirely sure about the pros and cons but it gives us the chance to make our first video and the film company - Mel Gibson acording to our management, is giving us bits of the film with Jonny Vegas and Paul Kaye to put in the video. So, we are going to a bowling club to film next week.. or we might not.. I am a bit in the dark at the moment.
Then there's the premiere and party next Thursday, September 4th... we might be playing or guess what? We might not. This apparently is down to The Libertines, who are the film companies first choice. The Libs do a version of 'Lazy Sunday' on the film soundtrack but i hope the film company want them at the premiere because they like them and not just because they might get some headlines out of it.
It was exciting seeing The Libs on Top Of The Pops last Friday.. and seeing Carl looking so confident.. well I can see them playing to bunch of celebs at the premiere. If we don't play I am not even sure if we can get in but if The Libertines play then I will try extra hard, don't you worry. It will be great to hook up with Carl and Gary again. So a big week ahead and we are working on a track for another film... I'll let you know how it all goes. x

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Yesterday, whilst whilst my managers went to France to talk to more record companies.. because England doesn't deserve us... I went along to see the gorgeous JET at HMV - because it was free and because when I saw them at the Barfly I wanted more. I ended up hanging out with Adrian from The Hiss; the last time I saw him was when we shared a stage with them at a John Kenedy XPosure night thing.. that was the night we were spotted by the French and our adventure Francais started.. must remember that I promise to send Adrian some songs from the album.
JET sound great.. though a bit tired and 6.00pm is obviously not their best time of day.. I think only The Darkness could turn it on at that time of evening .. and M.A.S.S of course.. considering our last gig was Breakfast with M.A.S.S. @ 11.30am..

Today, we rehearsed and began what sounds like two top new M.A.S.S tunes.. hey, album 2 on the way... had a band meeting after.. of the type where 'business' raises it's ugly head but we get through it.. and I'm still thinking about it but distract myself by going to a party in Soho until 2.00am..woo..early night.

Sunday, August 24, 2003

Feeling a bit disgruntled about the fact that neither I nor my wonderful management had managed to secure me a pass for Reading Festival... I am not satisfied with the answer "don't worry, next year you will be playing".. and considering that I have been listening to The Libertines single all week, felt the least I could do, as Carl and the boys were playing Reading, that I should go and support Pete. His band Babyshambles are playing in a bar in Fulham.. the man on the door is darn right rude and chirps up that it is sold out.. I may or may not be on the guest list and sigh when he demands a tenner if we want to get in.. but don't let his attitude or the fine, deter me.. used to the Libs/shambles congestion charge by now.
Sigh again at the price of the drinks... but am really up for this Pete thing.. I really am. Few words for the 'support' band.. didn't get their name and thought that the guitarist had PMT as he swore and stamped and treated his tuner with his foot the same way that I wanted to that rat outside... anyway...don't know who you were but you rocked and drummer is wicked.

When Pete finally made the stage, I thought he looked cute in his straw hat. One of the band members pops a bottle of champagne..and the audience cheer Pete's name as the band launches into a song which another guy sings and Pete drifts into the background.. and only halfway into the first song, takes off his guitar, smashes it a few times on the drum kit and walks off not having any of it. Is there no-one around this boy to help or support him.. a manager? .. a record company?.. the bags under his eyes were a give away.. he is not happy.. he needs help.
In the venue though, now there is a serious problem.. people have coughed up a tenner to get in this hole and all they wanted was Pete.. there looks like no chance that rudeness on legs is going to give anyone their money back.. People get on 'the stage'.. a girl we met earlier grabs a mike and says 'Come on... who can sing?' and starts to spill out something herself..."this is a song about my ex, who's a f***ing C**t"... then.. well.. it had to be done.. something good had to come of the evening, it was turning into a wake.. I don't know why but apparently I sung two songs.. no backing of course 'Live A Little' and 'Hey Gravity'.. it just seemed like being with a bunch of mates... at least I did my bit.. and wished the rest of my band had been there [one tried but failed at the door]... will someone watch out for Pete though... please.. perhaps if 'Don't Look Back Into The Sun' is number one tomorrow, everything will change....

Friday, August 22, 2003

Well,last night, as promised, I found myself outside the Buffalo Bars in Highbury for the secret Thrills gig, being being impatient as per norm. Learnt today that we had been turned down by The Wannadies as guests on their tour... passed over in favour of 'Mommy And Daddy'.. Whooooooo? I like the Wannadies but it had been suggested that the guest band might have to 'buy on' to this tour...and don't think I could have stood another bout of fund-raising, so to console myself had a couple of spritzers and starting to get a bit lary.
Finally at the front of the queue.. snogs to all the people who have the say whether we can get in or not and OF COURSE WE GOT IN... they even forgot we were paying...see that plan always works they wasn't complaining.
The place was packed, I had a few more spritzers getting into the Irish feel of things of course.. it would be rude not to...THE STILLS were the first band I saw and thought they were great but things start getting a bit blury by this point .They get a warm response and off they go to be followed by THE THRILLS I push my way to the front wanting to get into the atmosphere of it all which I did ...'One Horse Town' and 'Big Sur' sounded fantastic. A bunch of good looking lads and can carry a fair old tune ...my kind of men.
Well that was over in a flash and now the socializing bit .I think Conna from The Thrills thought I was some kind of scary fan trying to pull him as he constantly tryed to dodge me ..does he know who I think I am"obviously not as I try and sell M.A.S.S to him he does'nt want to know .I bet all the girls use that ole liner. By this time i'd given up, even though I never take no for an answer. The night was redeemed by falling over Matt from Muse who is an absoulute diamond obviously because he didnt get away and listened to my drunkin spill.. how could anyone resist. I'm a big fan, how cool would that be supporting Muse in france fantastic. My manager had just given me my first CD-R of our new M.A.S.S. album but that went the way of Gordon The Strokes producer who's club night it was.. he asked me what it was like and I for some odd reasons relating to drink, made purring noises and stroked our labour of love.. I DON'T KNOW WHAT POSESSED ME.
Another great night and I was pleased I had the chance to have a taste of The Thrills even if it was'nt the type of thrill I wanted.. So looks like my chance of going to the ball that is Reading is fading... but might console myself by going to see Pete Libertines new band Babyshambles.. don't know whether this will be good or bad thing... soon..

Thursday, August 21, 2003

Well, the intentions were good. I promise to write more regular entries in the future but I have been away on tour in Germany and everytime I seemed to spot an internet cafe, I was whisked away to another city.
Last Wednesday seems so long ago but that's when it started for me. I went to Death Disco to see The Bellrays do a secret gig even though I knew I had to be around at 3.00am to get a lift to the airport at Stanstead. The Bellrays stormed through 17 songs without even stopping to breath, Lisa Kekaula is a great frontwoman [not as good as me though..ha ha]..tried to leave DD in as composed manner as possible and I am sure had only been asleep 15 minutes when my lift arrived.

The first date on the M.A.S.S german tour was in Cologne. We had waited weeks to find out if we were to get a slot at the official festival and as usual, though they claim to understand M.A.S.S., they said that there was no slot for us. WRONG. If this is a 'music convention'?? then they need some M.A.S.S. music. We got a lift to the airport with some music biz types who promise to come to the gig and are complaining about record sales being down. My flight is an amazing 98p for the one way journey and just over a tenner with the taxes. I try to blag into Popkomm itself - some of these people might be able to afford £290 to 'register' but sorry, I can't. We spend the day in the cafe, making coffess and beers last while we rustle up support for tonights gig - the only thing is, every business person I speak to doesnt seem to know much about music and has 'loser' tatooed to the forehead. I can't wait til we play. We meet up with Harry from Lonestar Records, who is putting out our single in Germany - at last someone 'real'.
The Cologne gig is absolutely storming. I didn't know what to expect in Germany but every gig was amazing. Needless to say, none of the music biz bods came to the gig but there were press and radio there - the venue was packed and ended up doing loads of interviews. Ended the night into the morning at a 2 Many Djs party.. and loads of free drinks..
As far as I can remember on Friday we played a venue that was [or is] a strip / lap dancing club complete with greasy pole in the middle of the stage and on Saturday in Munich we drunk so much Jack Daniels and Coke.. that I'm sure the venue has had to close.. The tour finished in Hamburg and I was sorry it was all over.
Back home now and have a rare Wednesday in - I must be slipping. My only excuse is that the first thing I did when I got back was go and buy 'Don't Look Back Into The Sun' by The Libertines and haven't stopped playing it. Today, I was going to see my new favourite new band The Ludes play supporting The Electric 6 at The Forum but the lovely people at Rockfeedback have sent me an email saying I can go and see a secret gig by The Thrills at The Buffalo Bars in Highbury where Artrocker is.. so looks like Thursday is going to be a good night... Anybody got any spare tickets for Reading, let me know...

Saturday, August 09, 2003

Yesterday, there were major developments with 'Live A Little' being in the 'Blackball' film. We had a band meetin on Thursday night and during it got a text from David from Purr to say that he was at the movies seeing Terminator 3 and in the preceding trailers, 'Live A Little' came blasting throught the sound system. This is great news. And there are more developments; there will be a premiere party for the film launch and the organisers have asked The Libertines to play because they are also on the soundtrack but if they don't then we are next on the list. To be honest, I would be just as happy going to my first film premiere and seeing The Libertines play as playing ourselves.. we had a great time when we hung out with them in Paris.. but I suppose it's all down to how together The Libertines are and read in the NME this week that Pete is also getting his own new band together called .. The Libertines???

Thursday's band meeting ended in a boozy affair. Our management had made some vague promise of food being involved but didn't come up with the goods. We had a good meeting discussing the next few months but went through more rounds of drinks than was sensible in a short space of time in hot weather. Afterwards we went to the club Fandango night at the Metro to see Special Needs and caught a bit of the band before them who might have been Joeyfat.. who had some good lyrics. Special Needs get better every time I see them and they are a nice bunch of boys..after the metro we went to Gaz's Rockin' blues on Wardour street but don't ask me to remember much about it because I can't.. and I ended up on the night bus on my own... no chaperoning from my bandmates then..

Last night [Friday] we were going to see Rocket Science at the Dirty Water Club in Tufnell Park but instead I went to what is nearly my local venue The Windmill in Brixton. It was the London bit of a Love Music Hate Racism tour featuring Miss Black America and on this night The Ludes who were great... Ah, I remember now, the reason that I went is because I bumped into manger Sam some point on Thursday and she invited me.. anyway, I really loved them, bits of The Coral, Clash and then thrashy stuff, it would be great to play with them at some point and they're playing with Electric Six at the forum in August, so it's on my gig list.
It's my birthday tomorrow... not sure what I'll be doing yet.

The Ludes
Love Music Hate Racism

Monday, August 04, 2003

Ok, it's Monday night and today is the first day of my diary... now is the right time because we mixed a lot of the tracks for the album over the weekend and it sounds... amazing... I now want to see justice done and the album released.. . so here will be my way of documenting how it's going.. I'm sure there will be a lot of ups and downs.. but if the ups keep outweighing the downs [as they have so far] then it's going to be worth the fight... at this point in time, there is still money to be found and paid to get the tapes from the studio but we will find a way.. so .. bring it on.... x

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